Hay Happenings #6

Tuesday 29th May

Sixth Hay day

Rose Tremain Talking to Peter Florence

Tata Tent

Rose Tremain Poster

The sign for Rose Tremain’s event.

Rose Tremain

Rose Tremain discussing Scenes From a Vanished Life.

Rose Signing

Rose signing copies of her book.


Margaret Atwood and Gaby Wood

Tata Tent

MA Gaby1

Gaby & Margaret discuss the latter’s early novels.


Margaret on the subject of dystopias.

MA Gaby2

Margaret taking questions from the audience.


On the subject of the Oryx and Crake trilogy.


The sun going down over Hay


The end of my final day at Hay.



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24 replies

  1. Amazing, Paula! Ah-ma-zing. Margaret Atwood! I also need to check out Rose Tremain! Looks like a lovely last day in Hay!

  2. What a wonderful time you’ve had! That Atwood talk must have been just fabulous!

    • The whole thing has been incredible but Atwood made it very special for me. She’s so sharp and intelligent, but with a mischievous glint in her eye. I think she terrifies those who conduct the talks because they must really know their stuff to keep up with her!

  3. What a wonderful event it must have been, and such brilliant choices you have made in terms of who you listened to/ interacted with! I think I read New Labour’s Alistair Campbell might have been present in Hay, and you had the wisdom to seek out amazing people like Rose Tremain. It must have been a vibrant carnival of ideas; no wonder you’ll miss it as you say.

  4. I am going to Hay festival this friday and can’t wait!!! Glad you enjoyed it <3

  5. You’ve had a wonderful time at Hay, that’s for certain! One day I’ll get to see Atwood I hope. I managed to miss her the one time she came to Oxford in recent years.

    • I’ve had a marvellous time, Annabel. Atwood said she would be at some sort of women’s environmental event in London very soon, so she’s still doing the rounds. You should definitely try to see her some time.

  6. What a fab time you look to have had – hooray!

  7. What was M Atwood like in the flesh? I love her books, but always thought she sounded a bit arrogant in interviews that I’ve heard….

    • She’s fascinating. Very intelligent and astute but with a really understated sense of humour. I can see how you might think she’s arrogant but she’s a lady who’s unafraid of sharing her opinions. I have great respect for her.

      • That’s very reassuring. I’ve never had the chance to hear her speak (not sure Australia is high on her destination list!). I totally love her so I’m pleased that she is awesome after all.

  8. What incredible event! And you got some great shots of Atwood <3

  9. Amazing stuff – sounds like a fantastic time and lovely to read more about what’s going on/who’s there and see your photos! x


  1. Margaret Atwood: The Works – Book Jotter

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