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DHQ: Dewithon 2023

1st to 31st March 2023

Welcome to DHQ (Dewithon Headquarters), the freshly updated nerve centre for Reading Wales 2023!

The people of Wales celebrate St David’s Day annually on 1st March – the date of our patron saint’s death in 589 CE. In honour of this traditional anniversary, and also in recognition of the time of year when daffodils (the national flower of Wales) explode into bloom, I will hold the fifth Dewithon – Dewi being the diminutive form of the Welsh name Dafydd (David).

Throughout March 2023 the international book blogging community will be invited to write about the literature of Wales. This will include reviews and articles about novels, non-fiction publications, short story anthologies, biographical works (by or about Welsh writers), travelogues, volumes of poetry (or single poems), essay collections, or indeed any texts with a meaningful connection to Wales.

You may write in either Welsh or English, whichever you prefer, but as a non-Welsh-speaker, I regret my posts won’t be bilingual. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop native speakers from reading and posting in Cymraeg (the true ‘British tongue’).

This is a multiblogual event, so please be sure to let me know if you post anything at all about our readathon, however brief. In the meantime, please keep checking DHQ for regular updates.

Diolch yn fawr (thank you very much)!

What should I write?

I would love to read your reviews, features, essays, interviews or anything else with a connection to the literature of Wales. Should you wish to cover plays, films, radio programmes, literary events etc., please feel free to do so.

Any dewi-dos and dewi-don’ts?

  1. Posts may be written in English or Welsh (bilingual if you wish).
  2. The subjects covered in your posts must relate in some way to Wales and/or Welsh writers (or the Welsh diaspora), however, it is permissible to critique works by authors permanently living and working in Wales, regardless of their country of origin.
  3. Please use the official hashtag #dewithon23 when tweeting about Reading Wales 2023.
  4. All Dewithon-related posts should link back to (or acknowledge) Book Jotter in some way.
  5. The period in which you should read and post related content to your blogs is Wednesday 1st March to Friday 31st March 2023.
  6. Please feel free to use any of the Dewithon logos with a link back to Book Jotter.
  7. Have fun!

Where should I look for inspiration?

There are numerous websites listing Welsh writers, some more comprehensive than others, often providing a bridge to further sources of information. The following links are worth perusing as you may feel motivated to examine in more depth a particular author or piece of writing:

Official Dewithon Posts (2018-23):

Links of Interest:

Other Helpful Websites:

A Selection of Yearly Events:



General Features of Interest:


You may be interested in reading The Literature of Wales by Dafydd Johnston, a concise and authoritative guide to the Welsh and English language literatures of Wales, from the earliest period up to the present day.

Please feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts and suggestions.