Wales Readathon 2021

1st-31st March


Welcome to the third Wales Readathon (aka Dewithon 21), a month-long event beginning on Saint David’s Day, during which book bloggers from all parts of the world are encouraged to read, discuss and review literature by and about writers from Wales.

For more in-depth information on this reading jolly, head over to DHQ (Dewithon Headquarters) and to see what’s happening this year, please follow this link. You can also share your thoughts and posts on Twitter by using the hashtags #dewithon21 and/or #walesreadathon21.

Here we display your Dewithon-related posts. Please leave your links in the comments below or drop me a line with the URL.

Mwynhewch ddarllen! (Enjoy reading!)








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  1. Readathons are my favourite athons!

  2. Woohoo, looking forward to this month!

    Love the leek peeking out amongst the Welsh emblems 🙂 potato and leek is my favourite soup.

  3. Here is my review for The Rising of the Lark by Ann Moray

    As I say in my review, I wish I weren’t caught up in the Fiona Griffiths crime series. However, I see I have never written a full review of any of them so maybe there is time for a reread and review later in the month as I would really like more people to discover these books.

  4. I’m still catching up on the fact that it’s already March! This time last year I was reading Dafyyd Johnston’s The Literature of Wales. Can’t believe it is has been a year already…and at the same time it feels like ten.

  5. the link to Rebecca’s Reading Room seems to be broken

  6. Ooh, this is exciting!

  7. Here’s my review for On the Red Hill, hope I’m letting you know in the right place!


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