Wales Readathon 2019

1st-31st March

Wales DragonWelcome to the first ever Wales Readathon (aka Dewithon 19), a month-long event beginning on Saint David’s Day, during which book bloggers from all parts of the world are encouraged to read, discuss and review literature by and about writers from Wales.

For more in-depth information on this reading jolly, head over to DHQ (Dewithon Headquarters) – should you wish to take part in the official readalong, please follow this link. You can also share your thoughts and posts on Twitter by using the hashtags #dewithon19 and/or walesreadathon19.

Here we display your Dewithon-related posts. Please leave your links in the comments below or drop me a line with the URL.

Mwynhewch ddarllen! (Enjoy reading!)







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You may use the Reading Wales/Dewithon logos with a link back to Book Jotter

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  1. I tweeted this one. Good luck with the reads. 😀

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  2. I have a Cwtch Corner post lined up especially…..

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  3. Ooh exciting! Now I need to check the TBR for Welsh AND Irish books! Cool!

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  4. My copy of the group read has been picked up from the library and I’m ready to begin on the 1st! And I think there’ll be a few other tidbits as well.

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  5. Just struggled through (with my rudimentary knowledge of Welsh how else could it be?) an Ifor y Peiriant picture book as one of my Dewithon reads, and have now scheduled a shortish review for late March…

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  6. This is exciting! Count me in, Paula. I’ve just posted my TBR:

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  7. I’m participating! Even if not very well.

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  8. I somehow missed this, but now I know, I am hoping to read Winter Sonata by Dorothy Edward’s.

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  9. Just did my first post – about the Crime Cymru initiative.


  10. I’m off and running with How Green was My Valley –

    Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

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  11. Reblogged this on Thoughts Become Words and commented:
    Hi, Paula, I have reblogged and I’ve collected my copy of Under Milk Wood, the radio/stage/film drama by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas to get me started 🙂

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  12. Thank you, Paula, and happy Saint David’s Day to you. Here’s to a successful month ahead!

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  13. Hi, Paula. I just posted my review of The Owl Service for the Wales Readathon. 🙂

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  14. Coincidentally I just completed ‘The Long Dry’ by Cynan Jones, a Welsh writer. I will post on that novel onThursday and will definitely link back to your site and use that hash tag for a tweet. .

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  15. Hi Paula, love this Readathon. I’ve just joined in with a post about some Welsh short stories, on

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  16. I just posted a review of ‘The Long Dry’ by Cynan Jones to the Wales Readathon #dewithon

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  17. I read Jasper Fforde’s excellent Chronicles of Kazam (well, 2/3 of it), set in Hereford:

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  18. I finished The Mabinogion today but I’m unsure if I’ll get round to writing a post about it—I had originally intended to do so but I lost interest in the stories quite early on and in the end it was a slog to finish them. I had also half-intended to read JCP’s Owen Glendower for the Wales month but it’s a long book and I’d never finish it in time.

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  19. Hi, Paula, just posted my book review of Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood. Hope I don’t come across as a total innocent but it certainly opened my eyes to his genius with words. Thank you, Wales Readathon!

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    • Thank YOU so much, Gretchen. It’s a fabulous post and I’m delighted you enjoyed UMW so much (I also love the idea of rating it with daffs). I apologise for the delay in linking to it – we’ve been at the hospital all day for D’s chemo. You’ve supported Dewithon from day one, and for that I am enormously grateful. ⭐🤗🦘🐨

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      • My pleasure, Paula, I’ve enjoyed it so much! And Dewithon certainly opened my eyes to the world of Welsh literature. My daffodil rating is out of love and respect and a touch of humour.

        Hope all is going well with the chemo; as my friend would say ‘chin up, little pup’ ♥

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      • That’s so good to know, Gretchen. 😃

        We’re up to cycle three (of six cycles) with the chemo, so half way there. The tumour has definitely shrunk, which means it must be working. Thank you for asking.

        BTW, I very much like your friend’s saying! 😊

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  20. I seem to only be reading children’s literature this month… but it’s really good stuff!

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