Remarkable Atwoodian book covers

MARGARET ATWOOD READING MONTHMargaret Atwood Reading Month is a literary jolly organized by Naomi at Consumed by Ink and Marcie at BuriedInPrint. Every November participants read and review Atwood’s work (including her journalism, fiction, poetry and comics), take part in scheduled events or simply concentrate on a single piece of her writing.

I’m leaping straight into the chosen theme for Week Two (hosted by Naomi), having opted to do an Atwood Shelfie by Shelfie in the first week.

Here are a few of my favourite Atwood covers (there are so very many):


HANDMAIDS TALEThe Handmaid’s Tale (1985)

LIFE BEFORE MANLife Before Man (1979)

GOOD BONES 1992Good Bones (1992)

ROBBER BRIDEThe Robber Bride (1993)

THE EDIBLE WOMANThe Edible Woman (2002)

THE TENTThe Tent (2006)

ALL COVERSThe Virago collection

I would like very much to collect every Atwood title in this distinctive Virago series.



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  1. Lovely post Paula! I’m very attached to my green Virago Atwoods but I do agree the new style of their covers for her are really effective too.

    What was the Dave Carley Edible Woman – was it a play? It completely passed me by!

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  2. So many good one! The Virago ones are gorgeous, I love that artwork in progress effect.

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  3. The covers in the Virago collection are stunning.

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  4. Fond as I am of the old Virago jackets for old times’ sake that Handmaid’s Tale jacket is hard to beat.

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  5. Thanks for taking me down memory lane when cover art was truly an art.

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  6. They’re all soo good.

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  7. I strangely like the cover for The Handmaid’s Tale. The others? Not so much.

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  8. Lovely selection of covers, Paula, many of which I hadn’t seen. The Viragos are stunning but I have a love for some of the more obscure and unusual ones!

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  9. I love the Viragos – it would be wonderful to own the whole collection! I also love the contrasting colours of The Handmaid’s Tale cover. And the cover of Good Bones makes me smile.
    Thanks for joining in, Paula!

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  10. The cakes on the cover of The Edible Woman made me giggle (but I think it’s fitting for the book, although I don’t remember that passage and the description of the cake perfectly). IIRC, the copy of The Edible Woman I read originally was a rather colourless pocketbook but when I reread it in the later ’90s I think there was fruit and a stilllife involved). My favourites here are probably the Virago series, which seem sophisticated and I think that suits her too! Thanks for reading along and being such an enthusiastic Atwood reader: it is lovely to have company while turning these pages!

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  11. I love that Virago series Paula! Like you I’d love to have every book in those editions! 😍

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