Review Policy

Submitting Your Book For Review

I am unable to accept further books for review at present due to a considerable bookjam!

I normally accept a very small number of books for review. Once I start accepting submissions again, I would be grateful if in the first instance you would contact me (Paula) and supply the following information:

  1. Your personal or business name.
  2. Your contact details.
  3. The title and genre of your book with a very brief summary of the plot/subject matter.
  4. The name of your publisher.
  5. The approximate date of publication.
  6. The format in which you intend to submit your work.

I critique books honestly, fairly and constructively, which means that sometimes I may find fault with a piece of work. Nonetheless, I am not unnecessarily disparaging, and if I cannot find anything positive to say about a book, I will not write the review in the first place.

I am happy to read all genres of fiction and non-fiction, with the exception of romance, chick-lit, westerns, self help and books for very young children. I particularly favour literary fiction and biography.

I currently accept publications as hard copy or in Kindle file format. (Please note that I am UK based.)

I cannot guarantee a time-frame unless we have previously come to some sort of arrangement. Furthermore, I am unable to give an undertaking that books received will automatically be reviewed – although I endeavour always to honour my commitments.

In addition to the Book Jotter blog, my reviews are submitted to websites such as Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Publishers and authors are welcome to use quotes from my book reviews with prior consent, although my full name must always accompany the excerpt.

Thank you very much indeed for your interest.

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