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DEWITHON DIARY: Wales Readathon 2019

Dewithon is an opportunity for book bloggers around the world to discover Welsh writers and their works (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, in fact anything written in English or Welsh with links to the nation of Wales).

We will begin our 31 days of celebration on 1st March 2019 (St. David’s Day), and if successful, this could well become an annual event. There are plenty of useful links and reading suggestions at DHQ (Dewithon Headquarters) but please don’t hesitate to ask for help if you are struggling to get started. You are free to read and write on any literary subject relating to Wales, but if you are one of those people who prefer a little structure to your readathons, I make the following suggestion:

The Official Dewithon 2019 Book

AUTO SUPERTRAMPThe title I am inviting you to read, review and discuss with me this month is The Autobiography of a Super-tramp by W.H. Davies, a classic work of non-fiction in which the Welsh poet describes his life as a tramp, or vagrant, in the UK, Canada and the United States during the final decade of the 19th century. This classic autobiography, first published in 1908, is a fascinating read, which takes one on an extraordinary journey through the life of a uniquely talented if flawed individual.

I have chosen this book partly because of its likely appeal to an international readership, but mainly because the writer, William Henry Davies (1871-1940) is such an intriguing figure. He went from child delinquent to national hero during his lifetime – and some of you may well enjoy reading his poetry.

My copy of Super-tramp is 253 pages long (including the preface, foreword etc.), but no doubt every edition will differ slightly. Should you wish to break the book down into discussable sections and share your thoughts as you read, I would suggest the following:

WEEK ONE (Friday 1st to Thursday 7th March): Chapters 1-7 – ‘Childhood’ to ‘Law in America’

WEEK TWO (Friday 8th to Thursday 14th March): Chapters 8-14 – ‘A Prisoner His Own Judge’ to ‘The House Boat’

WEEK THREE (Friday 15th to Thursday 21st March): Chapters 15-21 – ‘A Lynching’ to ‘London’

WEEK FOUR (Friday 22nd to Thursday 28th March): Chapters 22-28 – ‘The Ark’ to ‘On Tramp Again’

WEEK FIVE (Friday 29th March to Sunday 4th April): Chapters 29-34 – ‘A Day’s Companion’ to ‘A House to Let’

I have strayed very slightly into April to give you time to complete the final chapters. However, if you finish before that date, give yourself a pat on the back and a lovely big bunch of daffs – if not, don’t worry, this is a reading jolly and the rules are there to be broken.

Please let me know if you write anything at all about the Wales Readathon – but I’m especially keen to highlight your reviews and features. To do this, simply leave a link to your piece in the comments section below or drop me a line, and should you post anything relating to the event on Twitter, I would appreciate you using the hashtag #dewithon19.

Thank you and good luck (diolch a phob lwc)!



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  1. I’ll be joining in Paula! I just need to decide what to read 🙂

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  2. Sounds lots of fun! The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp is, by the way, also available digitally at Gutenberg:

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  3. I’ll try my best to join in – I have a surprising amount of Welsh works lurking!

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  4. I picked up my book from the library today! 🙂

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  5. I’m going to do my best to read Super-tramp, Paula! I love the sound of it! I also look forward to what books you read for further inspiration. My one-quarter Welsh ancestry is very excited about this! ♥️

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  6. Oh my gosh, yes! Finally an excuse to read some Welsh literature! – Angharad

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  7. Paula, on my home page I have linked an image to this post for Dewithon 2019.

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  8. I won’t be able to join this since I’m travelling but I hope to schedule a few related posts that month

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  9. I have one book that would be ideal for this readalong.

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  10. I am so glad you are doing a readalong. I enjoy reading with others, especially of a book or subject I am interested in, but unfamiliar with. I just downloaded ‘Super-tramp’ and am looking through your suggestions for another title or two.

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  11. I’ve got a copy of Neil Ansell’s Deep Country I need to read too. Maybe I’ll try to get that read and reviewed in time to join in this year.

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  12. I have ‘A Welsh Witch’ by Allen Raine line up for my 100 Years of Books project and I’m planning to read it in March.

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  13. Super tramp sounds very interesting and thank you for reading break down, I’d really like to take part.

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  14. My library system has three copies of this one (one is reference-only) and I’m curious to see which one actually arrives for me, whether it will be the one you’ve pictured, or another edition!

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  15. OK, downloaded my copy from my local library, but I have only 13 days in which to read it. But I’ll take notes!

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  16. I have quite a list of books I’d love to read for Dewithon, Paula. I’m hoping to manage a few though whether I’ll manage a post or two remains to be seen. And I’ve added Super-tramp to the list 🙂

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  17. I remember seeing ‘Autobiography of a Supertramp’ in the library at Uni of Glamorgan and meant to read it then … So it’s nice to be reminded 20 years later!

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  18. I think the new one (2013) reproduces it from the original edition. It’s a lovely thing to read.

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  19. I’ll be re reading a biography of Dylan thomas

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  20. I have ordered a copy of Super-Tramp, which looks fascinating. I’m a bit late to the readathon party, so not sure how much other Welsh reading I will get done. But can’t wait to read all about what everyone else gets up to! 🙂

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  21. I might just join in with Super Tramp. I will see if my library system has it.

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  22. I am sad I learned of this after the fact, a little bit too much navel gazing over at Dolce Bellezza, I guess. But, I would dearly love to join you next time it comes around, and I will be on the look out for it.



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